20 Jun 2011

Do not use JSF

I repeat, do not use JSF.

20 Jun 2011

Making Large Classes Small

Five steps to make your large classes small, from Dr. Dobbs.

06 Dec 2010

Rethinking the mobile web

Slide 125 of the great presentation “Rethinking the mobile web” by Yiibu.

25 May 2010

Objective-C memory management rules

Apple’s Memory Management Programming Guide for Cocoa list these four rules:

04 May 2009

Ruby functional programming

Learning functional programming using Ruby by solving the Ninety-Nine Prolog problems.

01 Sep 2008

Polyglot Programming

My master thesis is finally finished, and this articles describe in short my findings.

I would like to thank my interview subjects Ola Bini, Neal Ford, Jay Fields and more.